STWA Derby

Please take time to visit our valuable sponsors, your patronage to each of their businesses is appreciated, without them our derby could not be the success that it is every year!

Remember to be sure to tell all of our sponsors that you are a Southtowns Walleye Association member and  please thank them in person, by phone or via email for their continued participation and support!



36th Annual Walleye Derby Final Results

The list of the top 200 fish by weight is also on the website. If you were lucky enough to win a prize or a check and do not have it, we will be at the club from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 21st and again on Wednesday, August 5th to hand out the checks and prizes. Please bring your derby entry form for verification of your prize(s). If your winnings are over $600, you must come to the club and fill out the necessary documentation to receive your check.

Check out our recorded Facebook Video Event that was held Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 11am to see the final winners.

2020 Adult Winners: 

  1st  - Justin Wekenmann – 11.90 lbs. 

    2nd  - Michael Sacca – 11.61 lbs.

    3rd  - Eric Crawford Jr. – 11.61 lbs.

    4th  - Delmas Lowers Jr. – 11.27 lbs.

    5th  – Kevin Coyle – 11.23 lbs.

    6th  - Bobby Malvestuto – 11.17 lbs.

    7th  - Joshua Marshall – 10.82 lbs.

    8th  - Jeffrey Milleville – 10.76 lbs.

    9th  - Andrew Matteson – 10.72 lbs.

    10th  - Richard Skrabski – 10.70 lbs.


2020 Youth Winners:

1st – Garret Schmitt – 9.04 lbs.

2nd – Fischer Sleeman – 8.34 lbs.

3rd – Hunter Swoope – 7.72 lbs.

4th – Mylana Wiese – 7.70 lbs.

5th – Tristen Phillips – 7.56 lbs.

6th – Carmen Nardolillo II – 7.33 lbs.

7th – Jacob Stephenson – 7.23 lbs.

8th – Wyatt Simonick – 7.15 lbs.

    9th – Kaiden Dissette – 7.03 lbs.

   10th – Ryan Mordacz - 6.89 lbs.

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