Sunset Beach, Irving, NY, Oct. 26, 2019 RALLY TO DEFEND LAKE ERIE

Sunset Beach, Irving, NY,  Oct. 26, 2019 RALLY TO DEFEND LAKE ERIE from 50 industrial wind turbines. Governor Cuomo's destructive energy policy has targeted Lake Erie from buffalo to the Pa border. Speaking were Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello, State Senator Chris Jacobs, Erie County legislators John Mills and Lynne Dixon; Mary Hosler, Supervisor, Evans, NY; Jeff Jondle, retired State Conservation Police Lieutenant; Mary Henson, Citizens Against Turbines in Lake Erie; Jim Hanley, Lake Erie Charters; Rich Davenport, Western NY Environmental Federation; Lynn Bedford, Arkwright Wind victim; Sharon Trembath, Lake Erie Coordinator for International Coastal Cleanup and Great Lakes Wind Truth.Fifty industrial wind turbines 6/10th of a mile apart will pollute the drinking water of 10 million people by uprooting the sediment  containing hundreds of years of pollutants.  Introducing thousands of tons of concrete and millions of tons of steel, rare earths, oil and lubricants will re-destroy the lake.

Learn the Truth about Big Wind Here and the Dangers to our Water of Life!

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