Lake Erie Walleye Minimum Size Survey


Over the last decade, the Lake Erie walleye population has produced strong hatches resulting in increased numbers of sublegal (< 15 inches) walleye being caught by anglers. Most of Lake Erie’s walleye fishery occurs at depths greater than 30 feet, causing walleye to experience barotrauma. Barotrauma is tissue damage, including bulging eyes and a protruding stomach, caused when fish are reeled up from deep water. DEC is considering lowering the minimum size limit for walleye in Lake Erie from 15 inches to 12 inches. This would provide offshore anglers the option to keep previously sublegal fish that have a very poor chance of survival. This change is expected to result in a modest increase in harvest in some years as well as increased fishing opportunities for shore and harbor anglers.

Taking this very short survey will help us determine if a 12 inch minimum size is an acceptable option for Lake Erie walleye anglers.


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